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Strength Stacked

During the initial creation of this website my vision was to provide useful information that I wish I had known and understood at the beginning of my fitness journey. As cliche as it sounds, my motivation for continuously seeking to improve and provide new information to this website consist of putting my self in my own shoes about 5 years back and thinking, ‘What would I have needed to know?’ To put it short, I had hindered my progress greatly, and by greatly I do mean a full 4 years of very little progress.This was partially due to consumption of misinformation and false beliefs, however in the last year I have gone out of my way and learned more about the science of muscle building and enhancement my own fitness goals than I had learned in the past 4 years. I am 18 now, and started at 13, and as the reader you may wonder, “Why does this child believe to have the authority to share his beliefs when there are many others far more experienced.” And well, my answer to that aside from this being my very most passionate topic that I have failed and learned the most from is that with the rapid growth of the fitness community it is apparent that there are many more individuals around my age who also have a new found passion in building their own muscular size and strength. And with that being said, I intend to help and connect with the youth in the fitness community, and even those who are far more experienced than I am, as I can guarantee that you can learn something beneficial wether you are a veteran or newcomer in the world of fitness. And so after a long period of procrastination, contemplation, and further expanding my knowledge I have made it my mission with this website to help those like myself and create a community of mentally strong individuals with proper knowledge of muscle and strength building as well as an outlet for debunking everybody’s favorite supplements, muscle myths, and more. I would say that it is important to go into each one of these articles with an open mind and potentially reconsider your prior beliefs, as there is a revolting amount of misinformation circulating the world of fitness. To conclude this section of Strength Stacked, I am proud to present to you a website surrounding the topic I am most passionate about and wish you all the best on your journey to becoming a stronger, bigger, and more knowledgeable individual.

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